Top Row (left to right):     Jim Farley,  Dick Wanninger,  Keith Baker

Bottom Row (left to right):    Hal Good,  Wayne Johnson,  Don Moore

Thank you for visiting with us, we hope the time you spend with us is a blessing to you.

We feel very strongly that this is a warm, open, and caring group of people who are truly committed to serving God and living by faith in Christ. Our purpose is to teach and encourage one another in the Christian life and to accomplish the work Christ gives to His church.

We actively support the teaching of the gospel of Christ in the Cincinnati area through our regularly scheduled services, home Bible studies, Correspondence Courses and a World Wide Web outreach program.

We are committed to learning the word of God and teaching it to our children. For this reason, we provide a Bible class program for all ages, toddlers through adult.

We meet on the first day of the week to encourage each other, and to worship our God by the means He prescribes in the New Testament. We pray, sing, eat the Lord's Supper, contribute funds to maintain God's work, and preach God's word. Each worship assembly is a time of reverence and respect for God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

We are a family, dedicated to the work and worship of our Lord. We hope you will join us.

The Shepherds