Adult Ministries





The Home Builders ministry focuses on growing families at Withamsville Church of Christ. So whether you are starting as a newlywed couple or further along the road of life raising kids and teenagers (even if you are over 40 years old) this ministry is a great place to get engaged. 

The goal of this ministry is to support and encourage each other as we build strong lasting relationships with our friends and church family while cultivating stronger marriages and strengthening families as we grow toward a committed and lasting relationship with God.


Active Seniors

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The Withamsville Church family is blessed with a large group of retirees. Our Active Seniors Ministry offers wonderful opportunities for community and service for those who find themselves less confined by employment limitations. If you are nearing retirement age or have achieved that great milestone in life, we invite you to join any of our monthly activities, which are usually accompanied by a good lunch and are always blessed by great fun and fellowship. If you can't come regularly, plan to share one of our interesting sightseeing adventures or entertaining road trips. Together, we'll enjoy the blessing of one another's company, good Bible studies, great music, and lots of good humored fun.