Acts Chapter 7: All in with Jesus

Stephen’s story continues in Acts chapter 7. He was a godly man, full of wisdom and the Spirit, and because of this attribute, he was appointed to be one of the very first deacons (servants). His good character and reputation gave him opportunities to preach the Word. It is through this preaching the leads Stephen to experience the hard truth that not everyone is willing to listen to the truth of the Gospel. However, Stephen sets one of the greatest examples of how we as Christians respond to persecution.

Focus Verse

And falling to his knees he cried out with a loud voice, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” And when he had said this, he fell asleep.

Acts 7:60

Prayer Focus

Stephen led a life that was devoted to Christ even in his death. His example shows us that he was ALL IN! Pray that you too can be ALL IN with Jesus. That even in the face of persecution and difficulty that you too can live like Christ and preach the Word.

Other Resources

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 Mike Mazzalongo | | October 2017

Share Your Thoughts

  1. What things can you take from Stephen’s life and apply it to your?
  2. Why is it important to be all in?
  3. How should you handle persecution?
  4. In what way does this impact or change your thinking?
  5. Do you have any question over our study so far?

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