This is an exciting time to be at Withamsville Church. We hope you will consider joining us in our vision to live like Jesus. If you’re looking for a church, drop by for our next service! We’re a loving and warm group of Christians who embrace people from all walks of life. There are opportunities at Withamsville to participate in small groups, ministry groups, and mission trips.  


Our vision is Living like Jesus by loving and serving all. We have a vision document that explains our core values and details five initiatives that we are focusing on during the following years. Those initiatives are: 1) Deepen Our Spiritual Relationships, 2) Reach The Lost, 3) Promote a Culture of Hospitality, 4) Establish Our Next Generation of Faithful Christians, 5) Build Intimate and Lasting Marriages. The elders and ministry staff are working together to implement a plan to use our education program, small groups, and ministries to develop disciples who live like Jesus. We want to be very intentional about preparing ourselves with the necessary knowledge of God’s word to be a light to all in our community.  


We have an active youth ministry, with a full-time youth minister and a part-time children’s minister. There are regular children’s activities, a summer camp for children, and an excellent teaching program for our kids. Some of our other ministries include Celebrate Recovery, a college group, a mini school for preschoolers on Fridays, and an active group of retirees.  

Church History

Withamsville Church of Christ has a long and storied history. In October 1889, a meeting was held for the purpose of establishing a new congregation of believers. Many attended who had been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Following their Restoration Movement heritage, the church was named Withamsville Church of Christ. 

Permanent Buildings

Fourteen people began the congregation. The number grew to about 75 over the next 26 years. The congregation’s first dedicated church building was completed in 1893 and was located about 300 yards east of the current location. The church met there until 1963 when the east portion of our current building was completed on donated property. Our current worship area and main building were completed in 1989. In 2002, the youth house was purchased and added to the church grounds.  

Elders First Appointed

Elders were appointed in 1932, the first of whom were  Brothers V.N. Butts and Harold Maddux. We now have six elders who serve the congregation. The first full-time preacher began service at Withamsville in 1947 and has been succeeded by several devoted ministers. Mike Grose served our congregation from 1985 to 2015. 

Current Ministers

Kevin Stewart joined the congregation as the senior minister in January of 2019. Kevin has a doctorate in ministry from Abilene Christian University and has a long and successful history of ministry experience. Michael Gulley has been with Withamsville for close to 30 years and serves now as our worship minister. Christian Thompson joined the staff in October of 2020 as the youth minister, and the elders established a part-time children’s minister position in 2021, which is filled by Michelle Ingland.

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