There are false gods at war within each of us, and they battle for the place of glory and control in our lives. What keeps us from truly following Jesus Christ is that our hearts are pursuing something or someone else like money or popularity. While these pursuits may not be the ‘graven images’ of old, they are in fact modern-day idols. Behind the sin you’re struggling with, the fear you’re dealing with, and the lack of purpose you’re living with is a false god that is winning the war for your heart.


Teachers: Barry Boverie and Frank Overcast

Grades: 9th – 12th

Dates: Sundays, 03/12 – 05-28


Lesson 1: The Battleground – 3/12

Lesson 2: A Jealous God – 3/19

Lesson 3: Calling All Gods – 3/26

Lesson 4: Food – 4/2

Lesson 5: Sex – 4/9

Lesson 6: Entertainment – 4/16

Lesson 7: Success – 4/23

Lesson 8: Money – 4/30

Lesson 9: Achievement – 5/7

Lesson 10: Romance – 5/14

Lesson 11: Family – 5/21

Lesson 12: Me – 5/28

If you are interested in studying any of these lessons in more depth please contact Christian Thompson, at christian@weswithamsville.church


0 – 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade
Recovery Ministry
Inner-City Ministry

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