We hear so many voices from so many directions all at once. This sometimes makes it difficult to determine if what we are hearing is true. Sometimes it can feel like the messages the world is saying are so loud and consistent it’s hard not to believe them. In this study, we will combat some of these lies that we hear with what the truth of the Gospels says. This study is based on the book The Lies We Believe by Dr. Chris Thurman. Check out the book: The Lies We Believe


Teachers: Various
Grades: 6th – 12th
Dates: Sundays, 06/11 – 08-27


Lesson 1: Introduction – Christian Thompson

Lesson 2: I must be perfect.

Lesson 3: I must have everyone’s love and approval.

Lesson 4: It is easier to avoid problems than to face them.

Lesson 5: My unhappiness is externally caused.

Lesson 6: I am only as good as what I do.

Lesson 7: I shouldn’t have to change who I am in order to make my marriage better. – Phillip Taylor

Lesson 8: Distortion Lies Part 1 – Joe Pauley

Lesson 9: Distortion Lies Part 2 – Joe Pauley

Lesson 10: It is my Christian duty to meet all the needs of others.

Lesson 11: A good Christian doesn’t feel angry, anxious, or depressed.

If you are interested in studying any of these lessons in more depth please get in touch with Christian Thompson, at christian@withamsville.church