Focus: Meeting the spiritual and physical needs of individuals in the inner city projects of Cincinnati located in South Cumminsville and North Fairmont (Millvale & Moose Woods)

Supervision: This ministry is directly supervised by the CUMO Committee, which is composed of members from three Cincinnati area Churches of Christ (Withamsville, Northeast & Central).The CUMO Committee meets monthly. The ministry is under the overall authority of the elders at the Withamsville Church of Christ.

Newspaper article: about school in Millvale click here.

CUMO Minister: LaMarque’ Ward oversees the daily work of the ministry. 

Church: In association with the CUMO ministry, there is a church service held in the Millvale Community Center each Sunday morning. Attendance is normally 65-75. There are various age appropriate classes for the children and teens, in addition to the worship service. Many of these classes are taught by volunteers (adults and teens) from the CUMO supporting congregations.

Weekday activities: There are several ongoing weekly Bible studies that occur during the middle of the week. There are also activities and devotionals for the teens during the week. Many of the teen activities are supervised by Jason Read, a volunteer CUMO intern who trained at Ohio Valley University.

Special Activities: There are a number of special CUMO events and activities each year. These include:

  •  A five day Summer Camp in June for 9-12 year old inner city campers on the grounds of Mid-Western Children’s Home near Goshen (in newly built cabins)
  •  A school supply drive that raises money to provide basic supplies each August to all 500 students at the Millvale public elementary school (Taylor Academy)
  •  A Fall Festival and winter clothing giveaway each October that provides coats, hats, gloves, etc. to about 200-250 inner city men, women, and children
  •  A Christmas Store where inner city parents, grandparents, and guardians can obtain gifts for their children. This normally provides gifts for 150-200 children
  •  A summertime VBS for the younger children in the neighborhoods
  •  Special community meals several times a year

Financial Support:  The ministry is funded by regular monthly support from a number of Cincinnati area Churches of Christ and individuals, by one-time cash donations from individuals, by donations of gifts to the Christmas Store, and by donations of clothing to the Winter Clothing Giveaway.


0 – 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade
Recovery Ministry
Inner-City Ministry