This Study is a continuation of our study from last quarter where saw Jesus through the Pentateuch. This quarter we will be looking for Jesus through the Prophets, as we see the same God weave this incredible cohesive story leading to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

Resources: Bible Project videos, The Word of the Lord by Nancy Guthrie


Teacher: Christian Thompson

Grades: 6-8

Dates: Sunday, Mar. 19 – May. 28


Lesson 1: Intro to OT 2

Lesson 2: Jonah- Questions God Asks
In Jonah, we’ll see by contrast the compassion of Jesus, who ran toward those under judgment rather than away from them.

Lesson 3: Hosea- Our Holy Husband
In Hosea, we see Jesus as our faithful bridegroom, who paid the price of his own blood to redeem us, His unfaithful bride, from our slavery to sin.

Lesson 4: Micah- Law and Order
In Micah, we see the humble justice and mercy of Jesus as the one whose life and death answer Micah’s difficult question: “What does the Lord require?” (6:8)

Lesson 5: Isaiah- There are Some Things You Can’t Unsee
In Isaiah, we see Jesus as the divine King seated on the throne Isaiah saw in the year King Uzziah died, as the suffering servant who will be punished in place of his people, and as the coming conqueror who will put an end to evil.

Lesson 6: Habakkuk- Feeling Pretty Good About Myself
In Habakkuk, we see that Jesus is the one by whom sinful, faithless people are credited the righteousness needed to live by faith.

Lesson 7: Jeremiah- I Pledge My Allegiance
In Jeremiah, we see Jesus finally fulfilling God’s promise of a new covenant that will implant, in us, a heart that wants to obey.

Lesson 8: Daniel- What You Need to Know
In, Daniel, we see Jesus as the glorious Son of Man who has received from the Ancient of Days a kingdom that will never oppress and never pass away.

Lesson 9: Ezekiel- The House That Built Me
In Ezekiel, we see the promised presence of Jesus with us, never to leave us, in a new city called “The Lord is There” (48:35)

Lesson 10: Malachi- The Problem and the Promise
In Malachi, as we consider the question “Who can stand when He appears?” (3:2). We see Jesus, who makes it possible for us to say with confidence, “I will be able to stand when He appears-not because I am clean or good or worthy in myself, but because the Word of the Lord who came has come to me and made me His own.”

Lesson 11: Summary and Conclusion

If you are interested in studying any of these lessons in more depth please get in touch with Christian Thompson, at christian@withamsville.church


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