Satan is at war on one of the most central and holiest of God’s institutions – marriage. We will counteract this by reinvigorating our effort to offer practical solutions to the crisis of failing marriages in the church and in the community. We will provide transformational resources for healing and enrichment based upon God’s plan for intimate and lasting marriages (Gen. 2:24).

  • We will offer education and support opportunities for married couples to combat Satan’s war against the family, including topics on marriage, health, financial stewardship, and parenting support.
  • We will also offer marriage seminars and retreats to encourage focus on the marriage relationship.
  • We will enhance our capacity to minister to those marriages that are under stress and/or in crisis.

Measuring Results

  • Did we offer educational and support opportunities? Were they effective?
  • · Did we offer marriage seminars and retreats? Were they effective?
  • · Did we enhance our capacity to minister to marriages under stress?

Related Core Values

We unite as a family in Christ.


0 – 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade
Recovery Ministry
Inner-City Ministry