We will deepen our personal relationships with God, letting Him transform us ever closer to His image. We will do this in several ways: by an increased devotion to Biblical teachings, with a greater practice of prayer and other spiritual disciplines, and with a recognition that “iron sharpens iron.” We will build deeper spiritual relationships with each other to encourage and challenge us on our daily walk. We will use class offerings, specialized small groups, and spiritual retreats to equip the church to commune with God and walk with Jesus daily through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Our core values will become a regular part of our conversations, classes, and sermons.
  • We will offer in-depth Bible studies in various settings that focus on deepening our relationship with, and understanding of, God and encouraging us to be transformed into His image.
  • We will provide expanded opportunities for our members to form and join small groups where spiritual connections can be formed. These groups will be a way to develop deeper relationships and hold each other accountable in love as we strive to imitate Jesus.
  • We will develop and/or sponsor a spiritual retreat(s) focused on practicing spiritual disciplines and relationship building. These will be repeated on a regular basis.
  • We will develop some objective tools to help us evaluate whether we are growing in our spiritual disciplines.

Measuring Results

  • Are our core values a part of our everyday conversation? Can our members articulate our core values?
  • Did we offer in-depth Bible studies that focused on transforming our lives?
  • Did we expand small-group opportunities? Did those involved in these small groups form deeper spiritual connections?
  • Did we as individuals and as a church deepen our relationship with God?

Realted Core Values

We pursue God with passion.
We grow every day through the power of the Holy Spirit.
We unite as a family in Christ.


0 – 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade
Recovery Ministry
Inner-City Ministry