We will be diving into Psalms 119:176 with the Theme of “The Wanderer”. Recognizing how we all wander at some point in our life, and how our good God is a good shepherd to us. We are honored to have Tae Perkins join us from Texas to lead us into this study she is prayerful in preparing lessons intended to bring belonging, depth, and excitement for us as sisters to each other and daughters of the one true King! We are in store for a special treat on Sunday morning with Kim Logan from Kennedy Heights Church of Christ guiding our hearts and minds! We are excited to have our worship led again by two wonder women from Westport Road Church of Christ: Amy Ellison and Heather Hall! We are honored to have countless other women to make our time together fulfilling. Hope you will join us as we wonder together after our Good Shepherd. 

Retreat Details

When: Friday, April 21 with registration from 5-7 pm our retreat will end Sunday, April 23 at noon.

Where: Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp

Churches are asked to bring 2 Female chaperones to bunk with their girls. 

Grades: 6th – 12th

Cost: $60 per student. (if you need help with this please contact Angela Thompson)

What to bring

  • Sleeping bag
  • toiletries and towel
  • swimming suit
  • Rain Coat
  • Bible

Our purpose

In our society, we struggle with our identity in areas such as people, generations, gender, and so many other ways we label ourselves and hope to find the answers. We want to take the time and effort to create places to address these questions. We are held to the call of Titus 2 by teaching our girls the value, calling, and necessity of them working in the Kingdom. We aim to respect and encourage these young women. To expose their value uniquely as women and do our best to glorify God by building relationships with each other as the church has intended to do.


0 – 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade
Recovery Ministry
Inner-City Ministry