Our world as we have come to know it was rocked by the pandemic. Many of us were “shipwrecked” at home, at school, at work, at church. “You will have trouble in this world, but take heart, I have overcome the world,” Jesus said those words. At Winterfest 2022, we are going to look at the Farewell Discourse of Jesus from John 13-17. There is much there for us to learn, contemplate, to practice. Check out Schedule

Retreat Details

When: We will be leaving the Withamsville church parking lot at 9:00 am Friday and returning around 6:00 pm Sunday.

Where: Gatlinburg, TN.

We will have a chalet for the boys and another for the girls. Each has a decent number of beds for our needs. However, we cannot guarantee everyone will get to have a bed. Each chalet has a hot tub.

Age: High School Only

Cost: $100 per student. (if you need help with this please contact Christian Thompson)

What to bring

  • Money for 7 meals
  • Sleeping bag
  • toiletries and towel
  • swimming suit (hot tub)
  • Bible
  • Appropriate shoes and clothing (be prepared for lots of walking and cold weather).


  • Guys – Barry Boverie, Ben Ingland, Christian Thompson
  • Girls – Monica Moore, Amanda Shepard, Angela Thompson
  • Elder – Don Moore

What is Winterfest

Winterfest is a weekend retreat going on for 36 years now. This retreat is geared toward middle and high school teens. This particular Winterfest is attended primarily by teens from a cappella churches of Christ, although we have groups from several different fellowships that come back each year. We use teachers from our fellowship to teach and encourage teens in their walk with God. This weekend is geared toward discipleship. The teachers and guests that come use real-life stories, drama, music and scripture to make the Christian life come alive to the teens involved. Our a cappella praise and worship times are uplifting and engaging. We have contemporary Christian concerts at our events that are supplemental to the weekend (we have had Jars of Clay, Third Day, Newsboys, Audio A, Supertones, Tait, to name a few). Believing that the Christian life can be very joyful, we bring in the best Christian entertainers we can find to challenge teens with their lifestyle and their attitudes (we have had Bob Stromberg, One Time Blind, Paul & Nicole, Ted & Lee, Tom Tufts, CPR, Dr. Comedy, Taylor Mason, Lost & Found, Bob Smiley, Curt Cloninger, The Skit Guys, Brad Montague, 3-2-1, UnBound, Hoss Ridgeway, Bean & Bailey, to name a few). God bless you as you work with teens.