Current Study

The first-century Christians turned the world upside down. Why? It wasn’t because they were any more extraordinary, in fact, they were normal individuals much like you and me today. They were able to be a part of God’s world-changing mission because they took their faith in Christ to the next level. We, too, can be a part of changing our world, turning our world upside down, we, too, can take our faith to the next level. Throughout this school year, we will be going through the book of Acts and learning from the acts of these early Christians and how we might do the same thing in our neighborhood, city, and even the world.

Teacher: Christian Thompson


On Wednesday nights Jan 5, 12, and 19, we will be reviewing the Bible’s teaching about being baptized into Christ.  From the time of Jesus and the apostles, those who came to believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior were then baptized into Christ.  We will discuss why baptism into Christ is so significant, and focus on the mighty work God performs when a person comes to be baptized.  We will collect questions during our first two sessions and plan to address them on the last night.

Teacher: Jeff Painter


0 – 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade
Recovery Ministry
Inner-City Ministry