Thank you for being a member of our ministry! Kids are a blessing, and we have been given a great task in introducing them to the love God has for them. We hope to partner with you and the church as we reach kids both in and out of our church body showing them the great blessings of being in God’s church.

New to Our Church or Youth Group?

We have opportunities for you as parents whose children just became old enough to join Youth Group or as parents who have recently discovered the Withamsville Church Youth Group. Retreats are a great opportunity to get new parents involved and comfortable with our group. You’ll get to know the kids your children are hanging out with, plus you’ll meet people with whom you automatically have something in common.

Parents Have a Big Role

Parents are a big part of keeping our youth connected and involved. We currently have an active group of parents who help organize events, chaperone retreats, and teach classes. We thank them all including those who continue to, pray, serve, and encourage our teens at Withamsville. We also have a youth leadership team that strives to communicate clearly to everyone in our group.

Getting involved is easy! Just complete the volunteer survey by clicking the button below.

Core Events

These are tried and true events and have been a part of our annual youth calendar for quite some time. These events are designed to align with our vision as both a youth group and a congregation. We feel these events are foundational in having a good experience with our youth group. Our leaders are passionate about these events and make it a priority for our kids to be in attendance which can include financial scholarships if needed.

Connect Events

These times intend to have fun as a church body and focus on connecting in a healthy safe environment. They may not include a focused study time; however, we aim to create a space of closeness that will help foster and enhance our study time by being more comfortable and open with one another so that we may dive deeper into a relationship with God.

Extra Events

We are very supportive and passionate about involving our church family in the youth group. Bringing people’s interests and hobbies into our ability to reach others in unique ways. These events may be facilitated by church members and not be just a youth group event, but an opportunity to connect even more with others and the body.

Click the link below, if you are interested in hosting or inviting the Withamsville Youth to an event.

Our main goal as a youth group is to learn who God is and what His plan is for us as his loved creation. We intend to use these times to facilitate a place of bible rooted study and eagerness to learn God’s word. These times are on Sundays and Wednesdays along with other times that are spread throughout the year.

The goal of any church is to connect to God and connect with others. That is impossible without sincere-hearted volunteers who see the immeasurable worth of investing in one another, including in our youth! All are welcome to get involved with WCYG. In this section, you will find a place to fill out a Volunteer Application and a survey to tell us in which areas you would like to help.


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6th – 12th Grade
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