Letter from the Elders

As most of you know, Withamsville has long had a heart for missionary work, both locally (CUMO, Mid-Western Children’s Home, Annual Give Away, Food Pantry) and foreign, including Haiti, Romania, and Panama. Our Senior Minister Kevin Stewart spent most of his childhood in Brazil with his missionary parents who were seminal in establishing Churches of Christ that have continued through the present. These churches were built, and have succeeded, on a biblical model of winning souls, developing internal leadership and being self-supporting.

Possible Partnership with Great Cities Missions

The Withamsville elders are currently considering support of a similar effort in Brazil to expand the number of Churches in this receptive country. Our ministers and the elders have had several meetings with the leaders of this effort from the nonprofit organization Great Cities Missions. We believe this might be a good fit for our continued effort to bring the good news to all the world. But we need your help to seek God’s wisdom in this matter.

We have invited Bryan Gibbs and Scott Reynolds to visit and tell our Church about this missionary opportunity. They will join us January 26-30, with a Wednesday night presentation, Sunday morning class and sermon.

How You Can Help

We need your help to make this visit by Great Cities effective. If you can provide one of the needs below, or if you want to participate in one of the small group meetings, please contact Kevin Stewart who will be coordinating their schedule. We need volunteers to host:

1. A few small groups, including a meal, with a few church members.
2. Host the two men in their home during the Great Cities stay
3. Set up some similar small group lunches for those who cannot attend the dinner meetings

Need Your Prayers & Input

The elders believe this presents an exciting opportunity for which Withamsville may be uniquely suited. Great Cities has a track record of success, and this opportunity is in a receptive country, Brazil, with which our senior minister is intimately familiar. Please help us decide whether this is an opportunity God wants for Withamsville.