Living like Jesus by Loving and Serving All


Pursue God

We pursue God with passion.

  • We seek and pursue a deeper connection with God.
  • Worship is a daily practice.
  • We make our communal worship impactful to our church and to our community.
  • We are guided by the Holy Spirit as we seek freshness in our worship of God.

Grow Daily

We grow each and every day through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • We are devoted to the word of God, learning through Bible studies, small groups and personal devotionals.
  • We submit our hearts, minds and souls to the transformative power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • We meet people where they are to help and challenge each other to become more like Christ.
  • Spiritual growth permeates all areas of our lives including relationships, work, entertainment and everything we do.

Unite as a Family

We unite as a family in Christ.

  • We consider others more important than ourselves as we follow the example of Jesus.
  • Our lives are deeply bonded with each other as we together face all of life’s joys and challenges.
  • We embrace all people from all backgrounds as we seek unity based on Christ and His Gospel rather than our traditions.

Love and Serve

We love and serve others to bring glory to Christ.

  • Our service is focused not only on physical needs, but also on the emotional and spiritual needs of our church and community.
  • We seek to be known as a body eager to participate in opportunities to serve our members, our communities and individuals regardless of status.
  • We stand with those who have suffered injustices (Isaiah 58).
  • Service is viewed by all members as a privilege of being in Christ.

Invite Others

We invite others to the blessed life of salvation in Christ.

  • We care deeply about the condition of the lost around us and throughout the world.
  • We are eager and prepared to share the hope of Jesus that lies within us.
  • We use our homes, our relationships at work and play and every opportunity to share the love of Christ with others.


Training to Follow Jesus

In order to more fully accomplish our vision, we must follow Jesus’ teachings and example. We will intentionally equip and send out the church to share the good news of Jesus. We will devote increased time in our gatherings on Sundays and Wednesdays to ensure that we are not merely hearers of the word but are also training to go out and be doers of the word (James 1:22-25). We will encourage one another to grow as disciples of Jesus in the knowledge, understanding, and practice of God’s word in our daily lives. We will ask our congregation to develop new skills and the confidence to share their faith as a matter of daily practice.


We will focus more time on equipping all members to serve others and share the gospel (Eph 4:11-13). It is also our goal to spiritually ground our church family in a Christian worldview so that they will have a strong foundation to withstand Satan’s desire to undermine faith (2 Cor. 10:3-5).

  • Training
    We will increase the number of classes that are designed to equip members to serve others and share the gospel. Wednesday will be revitalized and used for more than a mid-week devotional. This time slot will be used increasingly to cultivate and practice the lifestyle of following Jesus. There will be training classes and actual opportunities for ministry offered that will intentionally train our members to serve others and share the gospel of Jesus.
  • Education
    We will develop and publish a two to three-year plan to offer classes to all ages that will strengthen the core foundation and faith of our Christian family. Also, members will be encouraged to look ahead and choose classes as a part of their own intentional plan to grow themselves and their family spiritually. In order to support this goal and to prepare for the future, we will ask God to help us identify others in this congregation that we can develop as teachers.
  • Spiritual Formation
    We will offer advanced classes, retreats and other opportunities for individuals and families to more deeply experience the fellowship of God and the presence of his Spirit through spiritual disciplines such as prayer, worship, confession and deeper Bible study. All members will be asked to participate in one of these opportunities each year.

Serving our Neighbors as Missionaries

We recognize that Christian maturity is most fully realized when we care for the lost and the poor just as Jesus did. We seek to be known as people that are involved with our communities, ready to serve others and invite them to participate in the abundant life through Jesus Christ. This means we will view our neighborhoods, workplaces and surrounding community as mission fields (Matt. 9:35-38). We will learn to love our neighbors as ourselves for the sake of winning souls to Jesus.


  • Appoint an Outreach Team
    Mike Gulley, our worship minister, has been asked to lead a team that will provide leadership, equipping and opportunities to the church to grow the church’s passion for service and love of the lost as we seek to follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ ministry.
  • Impact Our Immediate Community
    Withamsville church will walk the neighborhood and pray for our community, neighbors and leaders. We will also pray concerning the spiritual challenges we are all facing. The outreach team will do an assessment of the various needs in our immediate area and determine how we can make a difference.
  • Sharing the Gospel
    The outreach team will work with our leadership, home groups and adult education ministry to ensure that the proper types of training are offered to equip our family to share the gospel. We will seek to be Christians that live as missionaries to the communities where we live, work and play.

Winning our children to Christ

We will fight for the hearts and minds of our children as we live in a fallen world. We will respond by devoting more resources and increasing emphasis on biblical learning, as well as the development of spiritual disciplines for children and teens, with the goal of fostering a deep love for God and an enduring faith to withstand life’s challenges. Our focus will be on preparing our children to live in the world though they are not of the world (John 17:14-16).


Reinvigorating Our Children’s Ministry
A children’s ministry team will be formed to plan and support our goal of winning our children to Christ. We will tap the extensive talent of our young parents and other interested members in order to face the unique threat to the Christian faith in the 21st century.

  • Revitalizing Methodology
    The children’s ministry team will seek input from young families as they rethink how to use curriculum and ministry activities to better prepare our children for the challenges they will receive to their faith from a secular world. We will not be constrained by the way things have been done in the past, but we will seek the most effective methodologies to reach the hearts of today’s children.
  • Hire a Part-Time Children’s Minister
    A part-time children’s minister will be hired to help us achieve our goal of winning the hearts of our children to Christ. The new minister will lead the children’s ministry team, recruit and train teachers and help coordinate ministry activities.
  • Align the Youth Ministry with the Vision
    Our primary focus will continue to be on helping our teens establish a deep and personal relationship with God and the church. Additionally, a comprehensive curriculum and training program will be put in place to make sure that our youth are grounded in the Scripture, prepared to defend their faith and ready to share their faith with others.

Building Intimate and Lasting Marriages

We will offer practical solutions to the crisis of failing marriages in the church and in the community. As we learn together what it means to live like Jesus, we will cultivate healthier marriages and families. We will provide transformational resources for healing and enrichment based upon God’s plan for intimate and lasting marriages (Gen. 2:24).


We want to help couples experience the deep intimacy and the unconditional love that God intends for them in their marriages. Marriage, as an institution established by God, is increasingly under spiritual attack. Broken homes lead to deep wounds and often the loss of faith by both spouses and their children. Godly marriages are meant to be a place of refuge, comfort and deep intimacy. We are committed to providing training and facilitating healing so that marriages can reach their true potential in Christ.

  • Offer Interactive Marriage Seminars
    We will develop experiential, life-changing seminars for married couples by utilizing the experience our senior minister developed through years of conducting marriage counseling and interactive seminars. These will be offered to our congregation and our community.
  • Provide Marriage Resources
    The church will teach marriage classes as a part of its educational program. It will also assimilate video classes and books to provide couples for continued marriage health and growth. A list of recommended Christian counselors will be compiled for those wanting additional help. Helpful marriage seminars and conferences will also be identified and shared with the church.


0 – 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade
Recovery Ministry
Inner-City Ministry