Living like Jesus by Loving and Serving All


Pursue God

We pursue God with passion.

  • We seek and pursue a deeper connection with God.
  • Worship is a daily practice.
  • We make our communal worship impactful to our church and to our community.
  • We are guided by the Holy Spirit as we seek freshness in our worship of God.

Grow in Spirit

We grow each and every day through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • We are devoted to the word of God, learning through Bible studies, small groups and personal devotionals.
  • We submit our hearts, minds and souls to the transformative power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • We meet people where they are to help and challenge each other to become more like Christ.
  • Spiritual growth permeates all areas of our lives including relationships, work, entertainment and everything we do.

Unite in Christ

We unite as a family in Christ.

  • We consider others more important than ourselves as we follow the example of Jesus.
  • Our lives are deeply bonded with each other as we together face all of life’s joys and challenges.
  • We embrace all people from all backgrounds as we seek unity based on Christ and His Gospel rather than our traditions.

Love and Serve

We love and serve others to bring glory to Christ.

  • Our service is focused not only on physical needs, but also on the emotional and spiritual needs of our church and community.
  • We seek to be known as a body eager to participate in opportunities to serve our members, our communities and individuals regardless of status.
  • We stand with those who have suffered injustices (Isaiah 58).
  • Service is viewed by all members as a privilege of being in Christ.

Invite to Christ

We invite others to the blessed life of salvation in Christ.

  • We care deeply about the condition of the lost around us and throughout the world.
  • We are eager and prepared to share the hope of Jesus that lies within us.
  • We use our homes, our relationships at work and play and every opportunity to share the love of Christ with others.


Deepen Our Spiritual Relationships

We will deepen our personal relationships with God, letting Him transform us ever closer to His image. We will do this in several ways: by an increased devotion to Biblical teachings, with a greater practice of prayer and other spiritual disciplines, and with a recognition that “iron sharpens iron.” We will build deeper spiritual relationships with each other to encourage and challenge us on our daily walk. We will use class offerings, specialized small groups, and spiritual retreats to equip the church to commune with God and walk with Jesus daily through the power of the Holy Spirit. Learn more.

Reach the Lost

We will acknowledge the impact Jesus has on our lives by making it a priority to share the good news of the gospel with our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family. Our everyday conversations will be seasoned with words of faith and of hope in Jesus’ saving power that comes from our heart as we speak to those around us. We will “go into all the world” and our community to reach the lost. Learn more.

Promote a Culture of Hospitality

We will seek to emulate Jesus by sharing dinner, fellowship, and Christian conversation with strangers from within our church body and our community who need the gospel. Our church will be known as a body that not only greets visitors warmly at church but also makes room for newcomers in the activities of daily life. Learn more.

Establish Our Next Generation of Faithful Christians

We want our children to be lifelong followers of Jesus. We will continue our efforts to teach our children to accept Jesus into their lives and establish a deep and personal relationship with God. We will also continue to offer classes, camps, special events, resources, and retreats.
But we will also extend our focus to that of helping our young to transition into faithful adults. Learn more.

Build Intimate and Lasting Marriages

Satan is at war on one of the most central and holiest of God’s institutions – marriage. We will counteract this by reinvigorating our effort to offer practical solutions to the crisis of failing marriages in the church and in the community. We will provide transformational resources for healing and enrichment based on God’s plan for intimate and lasting marriages (Gen. 2:24). Learn more.

2019 Vision Plan Follow Up

After the rollout of our 2019 Vision Plan, a number of actions were initiated, redirected, or further emphasized to advance the four initiatives that were developed. Below are some of the things that were accomplished in each of those four areas and also an accomplishment related to our core values. It should be noted that these are only a sampling of the many things that were done. Learn more.


0 – 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade
Recovery Ministry