Mission Timeline

Move & Training – 2022

  • January – March All families moving to Campo Grande, Brazil except Neto and Jathalia Damasceno will move in May First training course, “Team Mission” taught by Scott Reynolds and Raniere Menezes.
  • May – October Neto and Nathalia move to Campo Grande Full-time training begins November Team members make final preparation to move to Boa Vista December Team moves to Boa Vista and begins work

Locate & Begin – 2023
The team settles into Boa Vista Adjust and begins evangelism and church development strategies Team members continue to grow their businesses that supply partial support for the work and make contacts for evangelism and disciple-making.

Growth & Leaders – 2024-2029
The church grows and matures. Church obtains its own meeting place Local leaders are identified, equipped and begin to function.

Self Supporting – 2030-Beyond
Team members transition to new phases of life and ministry (some may continue working in Boa Vista, others may move to other cities). Church in Boa Vista becomes more mature, grows numerically and is less dependent on outside resources.