Withamsville Church of Christ will be hosting Songfest on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the church auditorium. The church welcomes Keith Lancaster to lead this exciting song celebration.

Known worldwide for his work with the singing group Acappella, Keith Lancaster is serving a critical need in God’s kingdom as a “musicianary.” Working to equip congregations for excellence in worship, Keith trains leaders and invites all of God’s people to sing.

Singing isn’t for singers…singing is for believers! – Keith Lancaster

Keith’s Philosophy

One of the things that sets Keith’s ministry apart is how he encourages all of God’s people to sing. God loves and wants to hear each of our voices – and He is glorified when we joyfully give thanks to Him in song with 100% participation. Through this Songfest, Keith will help all of us – regardless of musical ability – to connect with the God of the universe in song.

There is no charge and no RSVP to attend. You are invited to simply come and join us in song!


Email us at office@withamsville.church or call (513) 752-9819. We look forward to praising God with you Oct. 18, 2023!