We want our children to be lifelong followers of Jesus. We will continue our efforts to teach our children to accept Jesus into their lives and establish a deep and personal relationship with God. We will also continue to offer classes, camps, special events, resources, and retreats.

But we will also extend our focus to that of helping our young to transition into faithful adults.

  • We will provide our parents with resources to help prepare their children to have a solid foundation of faith. This will include educational resources to promote spiritual conversations to grow their faith throughout early childhood and adolescence.
  • We will encourage cross-generational integration to share knowledge, joy, and wisdom as we experience life together.
  • We will seek to enhance and grow our young adult community (i.e., college and singles) within the church by creating an environment for Christian growth. We will organize events that are fun, welcoming, and enriching. Through these activities, we strive to connect young adults in similar life stages with the goal of building their faith and relationship with God.

Measuring Results

  • Did we provide resources to parents? Were they effective in helping the parents have faith conversations with their children?
  • Are our children and young adults being actively influenced in their faith by our older members? Conversely, are our older members being influenced in their faith by our young?
  • Are we providing opportunities and support to create a vibrant young adult community? Is this community active and growing?

Related Core Values

We pursue God with passion.
We grow every day through the power of the Holy Spirit.
We unite as a family in Christ.


0 – 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade
Recovery Ministry
Inner-City Ministry