Don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend – officially at 2 a.m. Sunday morning when we jump ahead one hour to 3 a.m. Although most phones, computers and smart devices will make the change automatically, you still need to update other clocks and not be an hour late for church.
Imagine is a gathering of youths from regional Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio churches under one roof for a time of fellowship, games, food and Worship. This month, Withamsville is hosting Imagine at our building and will be serving a meal following the worship. A needs list has been created, and we hope that you can help with the requested items. For more information, please see Angela Thompson.
Stop by the display in the lobby to learn more about the team of missionaries with whom we are working in Boa Vista, Brazil. You’ll see the ways we as a church are encouraging this group and find out how you can show your love and support as well.
Your donations help the church continue its work through our members. There are several options for giving: placing cash or check in the box on the communion table, mailing your check to the church, or using a credit or debit card to give online through CCB.

This is an event for the women of our church, where the teen girls will give them a day of fun, food, lessons and even a raffle to raise money for A Caring Place Pregnancy Help Center. Please join us from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 26. RSVP online or contact Angela Thompson.
The first Contagious Christian workshop has been completed, and people have asked that we hold more sessions soon. This hands-on, eight-week class will help prepare you to share your faith with others. Once we know how many people are interested, we will determine dates for the workshop. Sign up in the church lobby or through CCB

If you cannot join us in person this Sunday, please join through our YouTube livestream.

Thank you for clicking the “like” button in YouTube under each class and sermon. This is helping make our online outreach to the community more effective! 

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.’” – Romans10:15. May each of us pray for opportunities to bring the good news about Jesus to someone.


  • For Kevin and Monica Stewart as they travel to Brazil.
  • For Josette Spence, Elaine Painter’s sister, as she is in the ICU recovering from an internal bleeding emergency.
  • Mike Royse’s mother passed away March 7. She was 91 and lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Mike especially requested prayers for his father who has lost his wife of 71 years.
  • Jeff Farley, Retha’s son and Jim’s younger brother, passed away March 5. The obituary is available at https://tharpfuneralhome.com/funeralpress/jeffrey-allan-farley/5376/
  • Jeff Painter’s aunt Diane Timmer continues to fight with leukemia.

Please send prayer requests and other newsletter information to office@withamsville.church or use the prayer request form in CCB.

HomeBuilders are invited to a game night with a twist! Adults can join us Saturday, March 26 at 6 p.m. in the fellowship hall for everyone’s favorite board games and also some new games on the screens. Bring a dish to share and any games you might want to break out. Watch out for those banana peels and we’ll see you there!

ROCKs events are for children ages 1 through grade 5. Children are encouraged to bring friends to all ROCKs fun activities!
The Withamsville Easter Egg Hunt will be Saturday, April 9 at 10 a.m. More details coming soon.

Adult Classes – The Preaching About Jesus in The Acts of the Apostles, Auditorium Class, March 13 – April 17
How did the apostles teach and preach about Jesus in the earliest days after Jesus’ resurrection? To understand that, we will consider six passages in Acts, including Peter’s Pentecost sermon (Acts 2), the earliest preaching of Peter and John among the Jews (Acts 3-4), Philip’s preaching to the Samaritans and the Ethiopian official (Acts 8), Peter and Cornelius (Acts 10-11), Paul’s synagogue sermon at Pisidian Antioch (Acts 13), and Paul’s preaching of Jesus as king in Thessalonica (Acts 17).
Adult Classes – His Eternal Plan, Fellowship Hall Class, March 13 – May 29
This class answers several fundamental questions about God’s Plan for us. It is perfect for new Truth Seekers, who need to hear God’s Plan from beginning to end in order to understand the big picture. It is also perfect for veteran Truth Seekers, who want to be able to explain God’s Plan to others in a logical way or want to reground themselves in His plan. It is based on three major pillars: 1) There is a God, 2) The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and 3) Jesus is the Son of God.
College Age Class – Galatians Study, Mike Gulley’ Office
Galatians presents that our righteousness comes through Jesus and no one or nothing else! Jesus perfectly measured up to God’s Law because God knew that we would not and could not measure up. And so, He became our righteousness. Every act of obedience in Christ’s life was done on our behalf. He paid the penalty for our sin so we could be adopted into God’s family. All glory belongs to God!
Youth Classes. – Bible vs World, Don Moore and Christian Thompson, teachers
This practical Bible application class is specially designed for our soon-to-be adult students in grades 11 and 12. Please join us and bring your friends as we discuss what a Christian should know: Bible authenticity, what’s ok while dating, is homosexuality a sin, spouse picking, lying, forgiving, serving, and when to give in. All to be discussed openly and honestly in a class based on the Bible.
Preach the Word: Next Gen
This class for our students in grades 6 through 10 is designed to prepare them to step up and speak out for Christ. We hope our students will grow in these areas that will 1) Strengthen their faith, 2) Help them share Christ, and 3) Give them tools to be foundational members of a congregation.
Children’s Classes – Last week our children through 5th grade learned how God Encouraged Joshua as the Israelites were preparing to cross into the promised land. In Sunday’s lesson, we remain in the book of Joshua and see how God Stopped the Jordan River. Children’s classes begin at 9 a.m..
Wednesday Evening
Adult Class – Themes from Proverbs
Proverbs is about making godly choices, the kinds of choices in life that bring honor and glory to God, or – as Proverbs would put it – choices that demonstrate “the fear of the LORD” (Prov. 1:7). In this study on the book of Proverbs, we’ll look closely at some of its main themes and learn about godly wisdom.
Youth Classes – Meet at 6 p.m. for Hangout time. At 7, meet in the Youth House for the class series Acts: Turning the World Upside Down, led by Christian Thompson.
Children’s Classes – Children ages 2 through kindergarten should report directly to the Loft classroom, and children in grades 1 through 5 will meet downstairs in the last classroom on the left. Classes begin at 7 p.m. 

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